Monday, March 17, 2014


Thank you for visiting my blog. It took me some time for me to decide to do it, but finally I stopped procrastinating and here you are.

I decided to start this blog with one of my favorite recipes of all times!. I really like the poblano peppers because they are so versatile, I cook them in so many different ways -stuffed with ground meat, chicken, tuna, name it-.

This dish has been prepared since the mid 1600's. Chiles rellenos represent the fusion between Mexican First Nations and the Spaniards. As you know peppers were a big part of the Mexican and Central American people, more so...they were one of the three main ingredients in their diet along with corn and beans.

Later on I will post another more Summer like recipe I do: Chiles rellenos with guacamole and pomegranate. It is out of this world good!

The only recipe I have never tried is the famous Chiles en Nogada. I do have a fantastic recipe, but it is complicated and time consuming... but I am decided I will do it this year, probably in September (the traditional month for this recipe).

I hope you enjoy cooking this as much as I enjoy eating it. Don't be afraid of how hot poblano peppers can be. We can always reduce their heat quite a bit (I don't eat spicy food at all!)

Para leer esta receta en español pique aquí
Chiles Rellenos

Cooking Time: 60 Minutes   Makes 6 servings


6 Green Poblano Peppers (also known as “chile ancho”)

2 Tbsp Canola Oil

1/2 Onion -thick slices-

6 Stewed Tomatoes*

1 Beef Broth Knorr cube

300 g Manchego Cheese cut in 6 pieces

12 Tbsp Cooked Black Beans -or pinto beans-**

*To stew a tomato see recipe here 

** To cook beans “Mexican style” see recipe

Cooking Instructions

1. In a BBQ or in the stove we are going to prepare the Poblano Peppers first:
- Once the BBQ is warm, put the peppers on the grill and close the lid. Wait for about 3 minutes, open the lid and turn them around. You will see that the skin has blackened a bit and it has lots of blisters. That is what we want. Wait for another 3 minutes, lid closed.
If you are doing it on the stove, turn the fire to high heat and place the peppers directly on the fire, turning them every minute or so until the whole pepper is blistered.

- By now the peppers should be blistered and a bit blackened -NOT BURNED!!-. Remove and put them in a plastic bag (using tongs) and close the bag. They will sweat. Leave them there for a while.

2.In a medium pan, warm up the canola oil and sauté the onions. Incorporate the stewed tomatoes and stir at medium heat for 10 minutes.

3. Remove the mix of tomatoes and onions and blend them. Bring them back to the pan and keep the heat on medium. Add the Knorr cube -or your brand of concentrated beef stock- and stir until dissolved. Keep stirring for 10 minutes and put the lid, lowering the heat to the simmering setting. We are going to keep it like this for 20 minutes and then turn off the heat. Reserve.

4. The peppers should be lukewarm. remove them from the bag and, under
cold water remove CAREFULLY the skin. We don’t want to tear the pepper’s flesh.

5. Once you have the peppers skinless, with a small knife open each pepper lengthwise. Carefully remove the seeds and reserve.

6. Now we are going to stuff the peppers. Take one cheese piece and place it inside the pepper. Add two full spoons  of beans and carefully close the pepper. Repeat for all peppers and reserve.

7. Take, one by one, the stuffed peppers and carefully place them inside the
tomato sauce we have prepared. Turn the heat to medium-low. Put the lid and let them warm up for another 20 minutes. 

8. Once the cheese has melted we know that our peppers are ready.

9. Usually what I do is serve one chile relleno with Mexican style rice and sauce and accompany the dish with warm and delicious corn tortillas.

10. Enjoy!

* If you want to use canned beans follow my recipe here
** Stewed Tomatoes and black beans recipe to come...


  1. Felicitaciones por tu nuevo sitio. Espero disfrutar personalmente esos deliciosos chiles poblanos.

  2. Oh, gracias!... estoy trabajando en la version en español... pero esto de los websites no me es tan facil. Ojalá trates los chiles poblanos...son uno de mis platillos favoritos¡