Wednesday, April 23, 2014

New Header!

Patricio Betteo AKA Pato... 

I feel very blessed because there are some people who I consider extraordinary and, some of those are either my friends or my family. In this case my nephew Patricio Betteo, an excellent illustrator and artist is one of those. A very successful and busy man with a big heart. He has created and given me the header for this blog. He told me that I should look at it and tell him what I thought and... he was open to changes.

How can I change my fantastic new header?

He is as creative as he is perceptive. The header is just...perfect. I love it.

From this corner of the planet I want to say to Patricio (Pato)...GRACIAS!!!!!

I am so lucky... and today I am humbled because of him. I really am.

Un abrazo Pato!!!!

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