Sunday, July 20, 2014

Harvest Time ... the Early Crop

This is a fantastic time of the year -besides the heat which I'm incapable to deal with. The garden is full of flowers that the wife and I planted last Fall, knowing absolutely nothing about gardening. We still don't have a clue...but looks amazing to our eyes.

Also is amazing that, what I call "The Tomatina" (because we have at least 8 different tomato species) is working out in planters. The smallest of all are called cranberry tomatoes and they grow as a bunch like grapes... but it gave us tinny tinny tomatoes that are quite tasty and sweet. Today we decided to have roasted chicken with a Chard and Cranberry Tomatoes... it was fantastic!

The chard has been grown by us too and we are also growing zucchini (the round kind) and gourds. The zuchini has already given me 5 pieces (gorgeous look) and tomorrow I will pick the 6th and cook them Mexican Style with cheese (Oaxaca cheese) and a tasty tomato sauce. I will poswt that recipe soon.

There is no picture of the roasted chicken but here is my salad...

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