Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Oaxaca Cheese! (queso Oaxaca)

There are cheeses and there are cheeses. Each cheese has a peculiar characteristic that help us to decide which one to use for a particular recipe.

I like cheese but my current wife likes it way more but we share the love for Oaxaca cheese. Why?

Real Oaxaca cheese must come from México is made by the Marquez brothers in San Jose California ... so it qualifies for the Mexican requirement. There are LOTS of Mexicans there therefore the demand for the real deal is big. As a fact I buy it in a Mexican grocery store in Bellinham WA called La Gloria -there are tons of temporary Mexican workers there-

Now the question would be...why I say it super good?

The texture and the flavor. Oaxaca cheese is a string cheese, that is, you can separate a piece and eat it by peeling off "strings" that follow the cheese's knitting. It is from cow's milk. It is a semi-soft cheese with a balanced soft flavor. 

Cheese in general was introduced to America by the Spaniards (sorry but this destroys the myth about Moctezuma's quesadillas). It started to be made in the mid 1800's and was born in one of the most beautiful areas in Mexico: Oaxaca. It cannot get more Mexican than that.

Back to my own story: I really like Oaxaca cheese because of the flavor BUT the most important part is that melts like no other cheese I know. It melts but doesn't run. When melted is stringy and LASTS melted longer than most cheeses.

At home we eat lots of quesadillas and usually we use Mozzarella but when we can buy real Oaxaca cheese...it takes over. It melts fast, it lasts melted, it is stringy and the flavor is fantastic...what else?

Oh...by the way: this cheese is also known as Quesillo or Asadero. And I don't share...

This time around we bought a big piece!

And as soon as we got home I made quesadillas...

And as proof  of my posting...here is the melted cheese...

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