Thursday, July 10, 2014

Wine Review: Herederos del Marques del Riscal 2007

Herederos del Marqués de Riscal, RIOJA 2007 Reserva

By far I am not a wine connoisseur but I do like wine. Actually I like red wine (what else is there?). Thanks to one of my good friends I get to try different kinds of wine from all price ranges. This one is in my opinion a great wine and yet affordable (now if you like to make your own wine please leave this page now!).

Way back then wine drinkers with big pockets had the patience, the space and the resources to wait patiently for years as their bottles would get to maturity. I do not have neither, so I am one of many that want instant reward when it comes to wine. That is why many producers have changed their methods in an effort to make wines accessible when they are young. You can seat on a Barolo for some years (I like Barolo wine to cook some quite amazing Italian dishes) or you can go for instant gratification with something like a Rioja reserva.

By law a "reserva" has to be aged at least 3 years in an oak barrel before its release. My reserva is (was) dated 2007... Last week it was time to let it be my dinner companion. Me and my wine as the current wife doesn't drink at all!

Rioja is a pioneer is young but fantastic wines. Usually just the name guarantees a great experience -but not always-. A "gran reserva" MUSt be aged for at least 6 years... now I know that my friend's choice was a fantastic one. The Marques del Riscal Reserva is a Tempranillo wine therefore the grapes come from vines that are at least 15 years old. Ha!

The color is a cherry red, that clings in the glass (good robe they call it) and has a bit of a fruity taste...dark berries. The only problem was that it did not last long enough. Four out of five stars in my humble opinion (that at the end is the only one that counts!)

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