Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Chocochristmas !

Even though I am not a fan of Christmas as per say -yes, I am the Grinch!- I do like the music (not Justin Biber please) I do like the original idea behind it. Family, sure why not. Christmas tree...just because the wife likes it, but sure. Nativity scene, for sure...brings good childhood memories, Turkey and Ham...really?

The best thing about Christmas is...food! and more so...treats!

You can eat without guilt anything that the health gurus disapprove.   Buttery cookies?...checked; warm alcoholic beverages?...checked; super sugary cakes?...you bet ; and, the main reason why I still celebrate Christmas is...chocolate! -and sweets-

As I started couple of years to learn how to make chocolates...it is something I really enjoy. During the year I take couple of courses with Master Greg Hook. The classes are expensive for me...so it is a double treat. Last year the chocolate batch was eaten at home with family (the wife) and friends (the wife's). This year I did a slightly bigger batch so I could share with these weird people that are closer to me, or at least annoy me year round.

To crown my Christmas bonanza, the current wife gave me a fantastic Traditional Mexican Candy recipes of an author I like (please don't ask...it's not your business) and after reading some recipes I already do, I realized that the book is good. The first fire test was to make "jamoncillo" which is a Mexican version of  fudge. In my native country you buy them from street candy vendors (I miss them so much!) or high end specialty stores. I love them, the wife does too and, believe it or not...even my Canamex son likes them too!

Today is not a recipe post. It's a sharing post. Sorry...

PS...the name Chocochristmas I just made up...but knowing Starbucks or s huge company like that...sooner than later they will make it theirs.


After the cooking and baking...the prep mess

From left to right, top to bottom: chocolate brittle with festive colors, dark chocolate with pistachio leaf, salted caramel, candied and roasted peanut cup, dark chocolate corn flakes melange, gingerbread choco guy, Tequila Patron Reposado dark chocolate truffle (absolutely amazing!) and blackberry filled square.

Gingerbread shortbread with chocolate booties and "jamoncillo"

The setup in a nice ceramic mini loaf mold

The semifinal lineup

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