Saturday, February 28, 2015


Everybody that knows me knows that my preferred drink is Tequila. If Tequila is not available then I'll settle for other less precious drinks. In winter I'll go for red wine (Malbec!) and if I'm am in the mood, then I'll go for Scotch. Now if the current wife is not in the mood (you know...the headache syndrome) then I just go to bed with the pleasant memory of a good drink.

I have discovered two things by now: one is that the older women gets the more headaches they get and the older men get the more headaches we get. The women's headaches are quite unexplainable whereas ours are easily identifiable: women with frequent headaches.

Most of the time all guys claim that their country of origin beer is the best. Irish (gosh), American (really?), Canadian (hey).... but all are wrong. The only good beer is, of course, Mexican. If you think otherwise then please know that you belong to the wrong side.

The current wife never ever drinks alcohol unless there is some available to her. Then she goes crazy. Lat time she drank, she climbed a tree in peruse of a black bear who she swore it was a bird, that is, a black bird. Hughe fight. Black bear vs current wife. I'm writing this on my black bear carpet, so guess who won that fight.

Beer is nice but in Summer a Michelada is a great drink. There are hundreds of recipes. This is the one. It was given to me by Michaela, the woman who invented it. A woman!... I know...


Makes 1 Drink        
       Preparation Time 10 minutes...or less


2 Tbsp Salt to salt the rim of the glasses

1/4 Cup lime juice 

1 1/2 Cups of COLD dark beer (Mexican of course...otherwise please stop reading this recipe)  

2 Tbsp Worcestershire sauce

2 Tbsp Salsa Valentina or Tabasco

1 Tbsp  Salsa Maggi (or soy sauce)




1. In a medium plate we distribute the salt 

2. We frost the rim of the glasses with the lime juice and the salt

3. Put some ice in the glass and pour the leftover lime juice

4. Pour the Worcestershire sauce, the salsa Valentina and the salsa Maggi and mix

5. Very slowly we pour the cold beer (don't pour directly!...use the glass wall). Here you will have two probable results:

** the beer reacts to the salty mix and foams like crazy.  This means that you poured the beer too fast. Don't waste the precious drink. Licking time.
** the beer reacts but you have done it proper;y and then...

6. Enjoy!


*This is a temporary loaned picture. I have to fight for the drink with the wife. Eventually I'll post mine.

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