Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Jesus Ketchup!

So... who doesn't like ketchup?

I mean, besides me because the current wife puts ketchup pretty much on everything, from scrambled eggs or rice to lentil soup and Jello. I knew she was weird when I married her but she is getting weirder by the minute (and I still love her. Go figure)

In any event. Today I learned that H.J. Heinz Company is buying Kraft foods thanks to the street smarts of a Brazilian (yes...Brazilian) investment firm called 3G Capital who owns pretty much half the food brands you use everyday.

If you ever wonder where babies come from... well, this is not the place to find the answer (honestly I don't know...mine just happened ), BUT if you are sometimes wondering where the food you eat comes from, then I don't know either, but what I know is that most likely most of the food you and I consume, organic or not, with a cute name or not or with a vibe of independence... probably the product comes from one of these food giants:

Uniliver (Becel, Ben & Jerry's, Breyers, Flora, Hellmanns, Maizena, Red Rose, Bresler, Frigo, Kibon...)

Pepsi Co (owns of course all Pepsi beverages, Tropicana , Aunt Jemima, Gamesa, Lipton, Sabritas, quaker Foods, Aquafina, Walkers....etc)

Dole (4 of every 10 fresh fruits or veggies items you buy come from them)

General Mills (a zillion cereal brands, Betty Crocker, Pillsbury, La Salteña, nature Valley, Green Giant, Haagen Dazs...) and Cascadian Farms -all organic food-...)

Nestle ( 8,000 brands!!!!...Nesspreso, Abuelita, Buitoni, Carnation, Fancy Feast -my cats have to eat too, you know-, Gerber, Maggi, Milo, The Body Shop, Loreal...)

Kraft (now owned by Heinz) ...(Back to Nature, all sort of cheese shapes or forms...or not cheese, El Caserio, Jell-O, Lacta, Oscar Mayer, Planters, Ritz, Cadbury, Nabisco, Philadelphia...)


I only buy the "good food"... you know... the good one....

Garden of Eati'n?...Hain Celstial (another big one)
Cascadian Farms (General Mills)
Kashi... Kelloggs
Bocca Organics....Kraft
Odwalla ...Coca Cola
Stonefield Farms....Danone
The Body Shop...Nestle
Naked Juice...Pepsi
Burt Bees...Clorox
Honest Tea...Coca Cola

So... the only solution I can think of is... don't think about it and don't get ripped off by buying something with the phrase "organic", "gluten free" -or the latest craze-, "natural" unless you know better.

And...just because something comes from your local market or Whole-foods or something like that...doesn't mean that it doesn't come from China or one of the mentioned companies...

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