Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The 3 Minute Home Made Butter Test

Yes, sometimes I spend a bit more than I should because of my cooking habit. The current wife doesn't help either. I cook...she eats. The circle of life.

One of the most expensive ingredients is always butter. Good butter though. Until now: the so called wife found a device that claims to make butter in 3 minutes. She thought it would be a great idea that I make my own. This would be the first step; then the cow, but we'll talk about this in another time.

This device comes from a company called Chef'n (I do not a commission not free product...bummer) . The small box claims to make butter in minutes and it claims to included recipes.

We went and bought whipping cream and I manage to find one with 36% fat content, which is best but not necessary. This is what happened:

First I tried the room temperature cream (1 cup) with a Tbsp of honey. Shake it, shake it, shake it baby...3 minutes...4 minutes...5 minutes... then I followed the instructions and poured cold water to get rid of the water and stuff. The cold water took away the whole thing. FAILURE. I trowed as a sign of desperation and... an accident: the wife was on the way and the butter maker hit her head. You could hear screams a block away... it was me running for my life.

Hours later and once peace came back home we decided to try with only half a cup and no honey. Just butter. Shake it, shake it... and in exactly 4 minutes the sound of the liquid moving stopped and we did the water cleaning process. Ha!...butter.

So, the contraction works. 4 minutes and you get the most expensive butter you can buy (the cost of the cream vs the cost of a bar of butter...), but it is quite good. The butter is soft, great flavor and, as a bonus, you build muscle.

The cost is not an issue if you compare it with the cost of growing potatoes in a potato bag. I think each potato is worth about $2.50 each. But the wife likes to play farmer and I am such a pleaser.

Conclusion: Chef'n butter maker works and delivers great butter, soft and flavorful. The recipes that are "included" are actually two lines printed on a side of the apparatus. That is just a sad marketing scheme and hopefully soon they will fix that and, at least post some on their website.

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