Friday, April 8, 2016

The Best Margarita Ever!!

It is not a secret that I like tequila. As I have stated in some of my previous posts I have been drinking tequila since I was 10. Actually not...since I was 14...Ok Ok...16. Usually I don't drink cocktails because I like the flavor of what I am drinking on its own -and my experiences with the mix of fruit juice and alcohol was not great way back then when I was young and beautiful-.

Sometimes I drink a good Manhattan and my other mix drink is Margarita. The problem is that in most places Margaritas are just terrible. There is this conception that is a let's get drunk drink or a we are in Puerto Vallarta drink and in reality it is a fantastic cocktail. It is wrongly conceived so bad that they sell the "pre mixed" margarita!!!

I am a perfectionist -kind of, not really- but when it comes to cooking I really pay attention. Now that Spring is approaching us AND the fact that the current wife gave me a kit to make ice spheres so I can mimic a Manhattan given to me in Mexico that was served inside (yes inside) a ice sphere. Those guys there (I can't say that it was the Four Seasons in Mexico because it would sound pretentious) know how to make a good drink shine.

Their Manhattan was fantastic and, I can humbly Margarita is fantastic too!

Go crazy. Make one...try and prove me wrong. I have added some common questions and answers at the end of the recipe to answer before you even ask.

The best (and real) Margarita Ever!

Preparation Time: 15 Minutes   Makes 1 servings
1 Oz Lime Juice

1 Oz Agave Syrup

1 Oz Grand Marnier

1 Oz Tequila -a good one!-

Ice for Chilling the mix

Preparation Instructions

  1. We are going to mix the Lime juice, the agave syrup, the Grand Marnier and the tequila. 

2. Using a bartender mixer glass or something like that would do the trick, put tons of ice (at least 3/4 of the container) and pour the tequila mix.

3. Shake like crazy for about 1 minute, as we want the Margarita to be cold.

4. Using a strainer separate the ice from the Margarita. You can add ONE big ice cube -or sphere- so it keeps it cool but doesn’t make it watery….

5. Enjoy!

Now… couple of pre-emptive answers to common questions:

-Can I use Couintrau instead of Grand Marnier?
-Yes you can. I like the taste of the Grand Marnier for this drink, but you can use Couintreau also.

    • I use a cheap tequila, right?

    • Not at all. The most important part of the cocktail is the tequila. Using cheap tequila will equal a cheap flavored drink. A good cocktail needs good ingredients. I use reposado, but you can use regular, Añejo or Platino or diamane…up to you.

  • Can I substitute the Agave syrup for something else, like sugar or honey?
- No. sorry the agave syrup and the tequila come from the same plant. The flavors just work.

  • I like blended Margaritas…
- I like Ice cream too but this is a cocktail not sorbet. The crushed ice will just water down the drink. No point in that, right?

  • And…the salt on the glass rim?
-I feel that the salt adds nothing to the drink and only adds an unwanted flavor to it.

-I don’t have tequila can I use white rum, for example?

-Are you kidding me? 

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