Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Black Cookies or..not that black cookies? The Oreo Paradox

Black Cookies or..not that black cookies? The Oreo Paradox

Oreos are one of the most known cookies in the world and probably one of the all time classics of American Bakery Pastries. I have been enjoying Stella Parks' Brave tart book as she not only have amazing recipes but she has done quite a research in American baked goods.

In her recipe to bake Oreos and their history. Wow...so much has happened from the very first confectionary goodies ideas and now -that this company went belly up after being the most successful company in the planet to "I just had an idea..." . Amazing. So..the Oreos are not the original recipe nor the one that came out as the chocolate sandwich with creamy stuffing we know today. That merit belongs to a cookie called Hydrox. They still sell them but obviously you have to look for them as the muscle of Nabisco (National Biscuit Company...ha!) but they are out there. They are kind of the adult version of Oreos. Less sugar, less sweet and crunchier. I won't dare to tell you which one is best but at least give it a shot.

In any event. Hydrox was more the recipe I did from the Brave Tarat book. It is a FANTASTIC cookie but it is labor intensive and quite messy to make. Here at home the current wife has decided to protest and support store bought Oreos so she has eaten them all so no proof of competition nor quality is available anymore. But that is a different story: today I just wanted to say that there is black and there is black.

BLACK or black?

I did the same recipe with a small variation to verify the claim that the original recipe would produce really black cookies versus the everyday approach which produces a brownish black. Oreos are black no doubt and usually at home we end with a dark brown cookies but never black-black. The trick? Before putting the cookies in the oven I sprinklered the first batch with cocoa powder: the end result? Black-black.
Then I did the second batch the usual way...just into the oven as last step. The result? Black-brown. Ja!

Does it matter? I would say yes if you are a stickler to original recipes. I am. So here are the two pictures: same dough different procedure before putting them in the oven. Now you know..black is not always black..
Black Oreos...

Brown Oreos

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